System Requirements :

Windows XP sp2
Windows Vista sp1
Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 o successive
GV Edius 4.x - 5.x
USB port for hardware Key


Cornici Video

Titoli Pronti
After the general consensus had with Storm and Rex Speed, Galaxi decided to support the new GV Edius, supplementing it with an interface buttons with which you can perform complex and repetitive operations with a simple click of the mouse, without opening windows or menus . E 'can apply quickly timeline in slow motion at various speeds, the effects of varying duration, replace video contributions in projects off line and more with a simple clik.
SPEED in Edius allows a single store in a series of button operations enabling to shorten the time of editing, especially when you apply repetitive functions in the processing of a project.
An example of all is the possibility to run it on multiple clips simultaneously to a slow motion at any speed by simply clicking on a button, and then to automatically synchronize a number of clips to a sequence of markers, these operations laborious whether related to the number of times to be performed manually in a video work.
What's new in version 1.6 can also apply filters to clips, keys, and transitions
In addition to a series of pre-programmed buttons, the user can create other personalized according to your needs through the form of writing buttons, allowing you to automate most every phase of work.

Edius SPEED software is produced and distributed by Galaxi sas
and a cost of €. 119.00 + vat
€. 119,00 + vat


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